Leicester Centre for Psychodynamic Counselling (LCPC) provides a psychodynamic counselling service for the local community in Leicester.

We are proud to also deliver the following:

  • counselling courses
  • professional development events
  • clinical supervision
  • personal development groups
  • membership
  • a program of public events

If you would like to find out more, or make an appointment with a counsellor, please get in touch with us now.


Please contact us using the secure form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can email us (lcpcenquiries@mail.com) or call Jay on 07961 709575.

Thank you.



It feels like it’s been a long week, with an awful lot going on from day to day, but it has been highly productive and energising too. We began by welcoming Anne Edwards to LCPC, who has brought humour, energy and creativity to the team, and by Tuesday her room was furnished and finished, ready to …


I’ve just been walking through the city centre, taking a few minutes to enjoy the sun and collect my bass guitar from the repair shop (it had developed something resembling performance anxiety, and had lost its voice completely….happily now restored). Wandering through the streets and dodging people either fixed on their phone or with heads …