Lift Off!

As we move towards the end of August, “Elsie” reaches the 6 month landmark at No. 12 – 6 months which have flown by and have seen so many developments. We are delighted to have established a working community here – therapists providing counselling for the local community, a centre for delivering training and eventsĀ for counsellors, psychotherapists and the general public, while also offering a counselling training course – our Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling, Our launch in July was a huge success, helping to make connections with other local services and to get our ethos and message out. We’ve been quite overwhelmed by the positive feedback regarding “the feel” of No 12.

None of this would have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the team at Elsie – a big thank you goes out to all who have contributed to, and supported, the growth of our community.

While we must give ourselves the chance to look back and appreciate what has been achieved, we must also focus on the next 6 months and ensure we remain committed to our vision. Alongside the growing client work – providing affordable and timely counselling remains our priority – we will begin our Diploma, launch a Group Process training course, welcome three Placement Counsellors from Leicester University, host a research conference and continue with our series of Film Nights and Book Club. In addition to this, we are hosting a workshop by Michael Jacobs in November, and are booking more CPD events to follow.

So, we will take some time to reflect on our achievements this week, and to look back at how far we’ve come in such a short space of time. It feels important to do so. But then we move on…..



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