2020 Vision

It has been another fantastic year of growth and development here at Elsie over the last 12 months. We have seen the Centre grow to accommodate more clients, with more counsellors, and have managed to maintain our founding principles of open ended psychodynamic therapy which is both affordable and timely for our clients. The team are dedicated to delivering a valuable service for the local population, and the community feel around Elsie gets stronger and stronger. I would personally like to thank each and every one of the team for their hard work throughout the year, as well as recognising the courage and tenacity shown by everyone who chooses to enter into a therapeutic relationship in the hope of changing their personal circumstances for the better.

Our student numbers continue to grow year on year, and I am delighted to say that all of our first cohort of Diploma students have either completed, or are about to complete, their course requirements – they are our first group of homegrown counsellors and I am delighted with their progress, development and achievements. Really well done to each of you. The second and third cohorts are working very well at their different levels, and we are confident that each one will grow into being resilient, thoughtful, compassionate counsellors in the future. Congratulations and thank you to our former placement and volunteer counsellors who have fully completed their external training, well done! We have begun the process of applying for our Diploma to be accredited by BACP, while LCPC is applying to become an organisational member of BACP too.

We have developed a range of training events and a Counselling Skills Course which remains very popular, and our first Infant Observation in association with APPCIOS is due to start early next year. Please check our events page for more details.

We are looking forward to the New Year and the prospect of developing further trainings, particularly in collaboration with other local counselling agencies, in an effort to continually improve the therapeutic services available to everyone throughout Leicestershire.

Enjoy the Christmas break, and Happy New Year


Founder, LCPC



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