It feels like it’s been a long week, with an awful lot going on from day to day, but it has been highly productive and energising too.

We began by welcoming Anne Edwards to LCPC, who has brought humour, energy and creativity to the team, and by Tuesday her room was furnished and finished, ready to receive clients. She has worked hard to make the room look really good, though I must give a special mention to Steve the builder for his expert conversion on the top floor – thank you Steve!

Amy and Ampy have been working away on our behalf for a few weeks now, improving the website, our communications and our events – this week has seen my comments on crushes (!) published in two magazines, we’ve had some wonderful photographs taken of No12 for the website, and we’ve taken an active part in Mental Health Awareness Week in a variety of ways, including hosting a Scandi style “hygge” lunch for local businesses on Friday, raising money for MIND in the process. We’ll be doing that again soon……. Myira has her profile in the new Therapy Today, introducing the BACP Board of Governors, and we’re looking forward to a range of events including our launch on 21st July, which has been confirmed as being at No12 from 6pm, then on to New Walk Museum from 7/7.30 for food, speeches and a guest appearance on the piano! We’re also excited about Michael Jacobs coming to deliver his workshop on Oedipus in November – book early as places are limited.

However, while all of this is very exciting, we are really clear that our clients are our priority – to make sure that we are being the best we can be with all of our clients.

We are working on building a community, and piece by piece this is taking shape.



Surviving or Thriving?

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, with the theme of Surviving or Thriving. We’ve been thinking about this at LCPC, and we’re going to blog some thoughts each day, and then on Friday we are hosting a “Scandi Lunch” where staff from local businesses have been invited to eat waffles, drink coffee, relax and connect with others. If we have conversations about mental health then great, but what’s important are the conversations, the connections, the community.

For me, surviving is keeping your head above water, staying one step ahead, managing to cope with all that life throws at you. There is something to celebrate, but the sense of there being a struggle is implicit. Thriving, however, is different – defined as prosperous and growing, flourishing. So, how do we help our mental health move from surviving to thriving?

One crucial element enabling this to happen is our capacity for creativity, especially through our ability to “play.” That ability of young children to be able to lose themselves in worlds of their own making, where the real, outside world has no influence, seems to get lost once we grow into adulthood – things we like to do gradually give way to things we need to do. Survival, for many, becomes the priority. But I suggest it is this creativity and imagination which fuels our ability to flourish, to grow – which elevates us from merely surviving.

My thought, therefore, is to try to encourage as many people as possible to think about surviving and thriving – how much of what we do day in and day out is about survival? How much room do we dedicate to creativity, immersing  in an activity which offers temporary reprieve from the demands and stresses of life in general? It’s not easy to maintain and preserve the space required for being creative, but the benefits for mental health are huge.

5th May 2017 – Film Night

Before I Go To Sleep – film viewing and discussion.

Start: Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30pm start.

Where: No12, Princess Road West, Leicester, LE1 6TP.

Cost: £5 (4.50 for members) tickets pre-ordered via email, payment in advance / on the night. Booking is essential.

Includes: Hot and cold drinks, Wine, Cake, Popcorn, etc.

Come along! We look forward to seeing you.