Free waffles this Friday!

Join us for free waffles and coffee at our ‘hygge’ style lunch this Friday 12 May. 12-2pm
Experience the uplifting benefits of the Scandi approach to everyday living as we come to the end of Mental Awareness week 2017
The simple ritual of gathering around a table, talking, eating, sharing (and enjoying!) food helps to develop a sense of connectedness, which studies have found is crucial to maintain happiness and a sense of belonging. It even raises oxytocin (the cuddle hormone) levels!
Social connectedness, whether hanging out after work or sitting down over a meal with friends or family, has been shown to increase happiness and alleviate depression.
We will be providing a Scandi style menu and as it is Mental Health Awareness Week we will be collecting donations for MH Charity MIND.
Please rsvp your attendance to

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